Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sweating Icicles

Forget about global warming...this is how my morning has gone:

  • 3:30am - wake up sweating because the thermostat resets to 85 when the power goes off.
  • 5:15am - alarm quite rudely interrupts my I'm freezing and have cocooned myself in my fleece monkey blanket...don't make me get up.
  • 6:10am - teach spin class in the 3rd level of Gehenna -- it's 400° in the room and now we have to pedal UPHILL!
  • 7:00am - drenched in sweat...time to hit the shower...last rinse-off with cool water in an attempt to lower body temperature.
  • 7:30am - previous attempt failed...even with 2 fans blowing on me, I'm sweating like the Friday night speaker at VA Campmeeting.
  • 7:40am - finally get my hair dried and "fixed", makeup on, time to head to my office. Sunnuvagrunt! I let Nancy take my car home, so now I have to hoof it across heels...schlepping my gym bag, spin shoes, laptop and about 85% humidity.
  • 7:45am - plop down at my desk and pray that the A/C kicks on soon before I sweat to death....why did I even bother blow-drying my hair??
  • 8:00am - still blotting my face and neck with the hand towel I swiped from the Rec Center.(I will return it...sheesh!)  Seriously...all I need is a polyester suit and someone on a B-3 and we could have CHURCH up in here.
  • 8:15am - finally, the A/C has come on and my face is no longer melting down my neck.
  • 8:25am - A/C is freezing me to blueness...turn on my space heater and wrap myself around a steamy cup of coffee in hopes of thawing out.

It's a wonder I don't have pneumonia.  I can hardly wait until I start having hot flashes...

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