Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Go Get It!

My personal motivation for today...and always:  figure out what you really want....and then go get it!

All too often, I have fallen into the rut of assessing my resources and then asking myself, "What can I get for this?"  I'm not only speaking of monetary holdings...this applies to personal, emotional, spiritual, and financial effects, en tout.  This mentality immediately limits my options, however, thereby limiting my result.  This is settling.  And settling is not acceptable.  Not for me, anyhow.

Why not switch the thought process?  Why not ask the question, "What do I really want?"  Only when that answer is realized can one determine what needs to be accomplished in order to achieve the desired outcome.

Figure it out.  Not just what (you think) you deserve or can afford (right now) or are are capable of (currently), but what you REALLY want.  And then go for it...and go hard.  Don't stay in the "baby steps" phase forever.  Take those first few steps with care, find your footing, and then take off.  Let nothing and no one stand in your way.  Set your sights on your goal, whatever it may be, and let your desire to achieve it motivate you. You are only limited by your decisions...or your lack thereof.

"What you have does not equal what you are worth!" ~ Melanie R. Willetts

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